Amid protests and riots, Apple Stores are being looted.

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August 10th- Looters Strike Again

Protests are erupting all across Chicago over what police are calling a ‘misunderstanding” involving the age of a suspect in a deadly clash with police officers.

Stores located in the cities high-end district of Magnificent Mile were looted early morning on Monday.

WGTN-TV and Skycam 9 reporter Sarah Kindra shared ariel footage of the lotting taking place where looters can be seen darting out of the Apple Stores.

A witness says that people are walking around the downtown district with bags of merchandise.

June 1st- Protests and Riots Grow, so Does the Looting

Protests and riots are escalating by the hour and Apple is prepping for the worst. Firstly as the tension in New York builds up, Apple has boarded its store in Upper West Side Manhattan in anticipation of looters. Staying in NYC, the Apple Store SoHo was also looted by violent protesters on Sunday night.

The Apple Store on Bethesda Row in Maryland has also been boarded despite relatively low protest activity, it’s however likely to grow. The Apple Avalon store has also been boarded. In the only instance so far where Apple’s effort to protect its store has fallen short is out of Georgetown. One local reporter shows images of the wood taken down at the Apple Store with the glass shattered, however, it does not seem the store was looted. Aftermath images of the looting at an Apple Store in Washington DC shows the ruthless behavior of the looters with scattered product boxes. Images from the Apple Store at West Field in LA shows staff assessing the damage, with the store completely empty.

May 31st Mid-Afternoon- Apple Stores Prepare for Riots and Looters

Apple is taking no chances as protests and riots continue. The company is going in all-out extreme effort to protect a number of its stores. Images shared online by users show stores getting their glass covered with wood, and in one case in Uptown Minnesota, they’ve added metal reinforcement.

May 31st- 4 More Apple Stores Looted Nationwide

Due to the protests and looting, Apple says it will keep all stores closed on Sunday as per a statement provided on the companies website:

“With the health and safety of our teams in mind, we’ve made the decision to keep a number of our stores in the US closed on Sunday.”

3 more Apple Stores were looted overnight as protests and mayhem continue to disrupt cities across the United States. The first store targeted was the Apple Store in Washington DC, at the Walter Center. Looters attempted to breakthrough all the glass in front, only managing to successfully get through some of it.

The Apple Store at The Grove Center in LA was also looted alongside a number of other stories that generally damaged the Grove Center in its entirety. However, due to the store being located within a shopping center, direct images of the store following/during the looting are scarce. The third store was the Apple Store at King Sreet in Charleston, South Carolina which also got attacked. Images and videos online show a broken storefront with some display devices missing. The Apple Store in Scottdale, Arizona has also been looted by protesters.

May 30th Evening Update- Apple Store in Philadelphia Looted

Protest and riots have headed to Philadelphia where the Apple Store on Walnut Street has been looted by protesters. The incident started small with protester setting a car in front of the store on fire before proceeding to the looting by frantically running into the store. In one video looters can be seen taking things right off the desks, with one lady desperately looking for a charger.

May 30th- Portland, Minneapolis Apple Store Looted

The Apple Store in Minneapolis that had its glass broke got looted early on Thursday by protesters. Apple had placed protective wooden shields around the store, yet protesters made their way in.

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Credit to @Ben_Goggin

Additionally, the Apple Store in Portland, Oregon was completed damaged and looted by protesters who also attacked other high-value stores such as Louis Vuitton and Chase Bank.

Protests and riots have erupted in the state of Minnesota, specifically in Minneapolis and St. Paul over the death of George Floyd, a black man that was killed by a white police officer. The actions of protesters lead the Governor to put the state under emergency lockdown alongside the deployment of the National Guard.

Multiple stores have been looted, burnt down, and vandalized including the Apple Store in Uptown according to local news and social media reports. According to the reports, protesters shattered the store-front glass of the Apple Store, however, they did not manage to breakthrough.

The actions lead armed police to the scene, eventually with one entering the store. Apple Stores tend to be hot spots for loots and riots in these types of tense situations.

Apple is in the process of opening stores across the United States. This store in Uptown has not had an initial reopening date set. COVID-19 is the biggest factor for when stores are set to reopening, however the protests maybe an added factor.

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