New York MTA chairman sends letter to Tim Cook asking him to make it easier to unlock the iPhone while you wear a mask

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In iOS 13.5 Apple introduced the ability for your iPhone to recognize if you wear a mask or not, if you are, it will bypass the Face ID recognition stage and move directly into the user entering their password. The goal is to make it easier for users to unlock their devices with masks on, but apparently New York isn’ happy.

The head of the MTA or Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking him to make it easier for people to unlock their phones while they wear a mask, as ABC News reports:

In a letter to CEO Tim Cook obtained by The Associated Press, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Patrick Foye said riders have been seen removing their masks to unlock their phones using face-recognition technology, despite a recent update by Apple that simplifies the unlock process for people wearing masks.

“We understand Apple is working to address the issue and know that Apple has a range of technologies at its disposal as a global leader among tech companies,” Foye wrote in the letter sent Sunday. “We urge Apple to accelerate the deployment of new technologies and solutions that further protect customers in the era of COVID-19.”

From the sounds of it, the MTA may want Apple to market the feature more into the system as Foye said that he would be willing to help Apple in the messaging of the new feature. An Apple spokesperson was reached out to by ABC News on what additional steps could be taken, this report will be updated if they hear back.

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