Russian competition watchdog accuses Apple of abusing its mobile app market dominance.

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Russian watchdog Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has accused that Apple Inc. has abused its position as a dominant service provider for mobile apps through the App Store and has demanded that the company resolve this regulation breaches.

An Apple spokesman said the company plans to appeal against the FAS ruling.

The FAS cited the right to block any third-party apps from the App Store as well as the need to download apps exclusively from Apple’s App Store as unlawful. This comes after Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity company lodged a complaint against apple stating that their new version of its Safe Kids app – an app focused on application monitoring for kids was declined from the App Store and Apple had released its app called Screen Time with similar features.

This comes against the backdrop of the antitrust investigations against Apple opened by the European Commission following complaints by Spotify and Rakuten over Apple’s 30% cut on subscriptions and sales of ebooks through the Appstore. Earlier German lawmakers voted in favor of legislation that would force Apple to use its NFC chips with other companies.

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