A brand new open-source Jailbreak is being developed by GeoSn0w supporting iOS 11-iOS 13.5

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A brand new Jailbreak utility is being developed by GeoSn0w as part of the Open Jailbreak project. Blizzard jailbreak will be completely open-source and currently supports iOS 11 with plans to support up to iOS 13.5 and all the devices running A12 and A13. This Jailbreak, unlike unc0ver, will support the Procursus bootstrap developed by Diatrus as well as the Elucubratus bootstrap developed by Sam Bingner.

Blizzard Jailbreak will have Zebra as the default package manager but if the user wants to use a different package manager they can do so themselves. In terms of the UI, Blizzard will have a “simple user interface with just a couple of buttons” according to GeoSn0w.

“Well I do believe that Cydia is actually good but it is very old at this point. But I wanted something that is open-source and new and stable so Zebra made a lot of sense. So it comes with Zebra which is actually quite modern and stable but if you want to install anything else you will be able to”


User interface of the new Blizzard Jailbreak.

The jailbreak currently supports iOS 11 and only available for developers and not the general public. The concept of a completely open-source Jailbreak seems very lucrative in the era of unc0ver and checkra1n for Security researches as well as tweak developers. If these past months have proved one thing it is that “Jailbreaking is not dead”.

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