iPhone 12 to launch Oct. 12th to 18th, iPhone 12 Pro devices delayed until November; Jon Prosser

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Apple leaker Jon Prosser has revealed brand new information regarding Apple’s plans for this fall. According to Prosser, Apple will launch a new Apple Watch, presumably the Apple Watch Series 6 via a press release during the week of September 7th, which ends on the 13th.

Prosser also says to expect a new iPad alongside the Apple Watch that same week. As for the iPhone 12, Prosser says Apple will hold an in-person even sometime between October 12th and 18th, shooting down claims that Apple will hold a digital keynote. Corroborating the delay confirmed by Apple in its Q3 earnings call, Prosser says the iPhone 12 will be open for preorders sometime between October 12th and 18th, shipping will take place the following week.

Those dates, October 12th, and 18th are for the iPhone 12 5.4-inches and 6.7-inches, as for the upper-end iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, Prosser reports different dates. While no specifics are provided, Jon says that they will ship and start pre-orders in November, likely due to delayed and limited production.

Given COVID19 and uncertainty around production capacity, Prosser does follow up saying “With the staggered release of iPhone 12 and uncertainty of final dates for Pro models, there’s a chance that the dates could slip/change.” According to Prosser himself, Apple will launch 4 new iPhones this year varying in sizes, and potentially more specific features such as a ProMotion 120Hz display, although there are doubts.

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