LG & JDI forecasting intense competition to secure orders for Apple Watch

LG and JDI improving OLED Rect 3

LG Display and Japan Display Inc. are working on improving their infrastructure and technology to gain more orders from Apple and other smartphone manufacturers as per ETNews. In order to increase productivity, both companies are trying to overhaul their respective production lines. Both manufacturers are forecasting intense competition between each other regarding the supply of OLED panels for Apple Watch.

JDI currently manufactures OLED panels for Apple Watch with an output of about 2,000 to 3,000 based on the current ledger and there is a high chance that they are trying to improve on the production capacity to respond to orders from Apple, as well as creating serious competition for LG. LG Display was initially the sole supplier of the panels for Apple Watch, but Apple selected JDI to form a competitive landscape and secure a new profit model.

“In this fiscal year (18th term), we have improved OLED precision and productivity through our own technologies. We are going to improve our 6th generation deposition OLED line at our Mobara Plant starting from March of 2021 so that we can supply our OLED panels to our customers without any setback.”


LG Display is also working on improving its production capacity starting this month. The company expects to increase production speed by also attempting to reduce production costs. LG has been manufacturing flexible OLED panels since 2013. LG Display uses the same 6th generation ledger as JDI, productivity and competitive edge will have a significant influence on their order volumes in the future.

South Korea’s display industry expects that the competition between LG Display and JDI will only become more intense as time goes on as the global smartwatch market continues to expand due to the development of healthcare technologies and increased popularity for wearable devices.

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