Apple voicing concerns of WeChat ban to White House officials

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple, alongside other major multinational US companies were in talks with the White House via a call on Tuesday about the impact of a WeChat ban.

According to the report, representatives from companies voiced their concerns to White House officials about how a ban could undermine their competitiveness in China, the world’s 2nd biggest economy. Ming Chi-Kuo reported last week that a WeChat ban from China could result in a near 25-30% drop in iPhone sales, AirPods, Apple Watch, and Mac sales would drop 15-25% in a worst-case scenario.

One of the purposes of the call was to get more clarification on the specific meaning behind President Trump’s executive order. The order bans any American company from doing any “transaction” with the owners of WeChat and TikTok. Tencent and ByteDance respectively. Any “transaction” under the current meaning could include Apple’s dealing with the developers of WeChat, either via developer fees or agreements.

In that case, Apple and Google may be required to remove WeChat and TikTok from the App Store and Google Play Store. Following the call with White House officials companies are hoping that President Trump’s administration will “narrow the order” of the order as its implemented in the coming weeks.

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