Apple launches CBS and Showtime bundle for Apple TV

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Update- 8:30AM PT on August 17th

The new bundle is now live for Apple TV users.

Bloomberg reported on Thursday, August 13th that Apple will launch a new Apple TV+ bundle for CBS and Showtime channels at a combined price of $9.99 as early as today, Monday, August 17th.

This would be the first bundle that Apple offers for its Apple TV+ service. Currently Apple provides Noggin and Smithsonian Channel Plus through its platform, however each are on a à la carte basis.

CBS and Showtime cost $9.99 and $10.99 per month respectively, making a $9.99 bundle for both a great deal. ViacomCBS Inc. which owns both CBS and Showtime has offered bundles for both services in the past, however, this would be the first bundle not offered by the company themselves.

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