After two weeks, Apple releases macOS Big Sur beta 5

Apple releases macOS Big Sur Developer Beta 5. Find out what's new and more on Twitter @AppleTerminal or

Today, Apple released macOS Big Sur developer beta 5 to registered developers two weeks after releasing macOS Big Sur developer beta 4, meaning we are still in a two week release cycle period.

macOS Big Sur beta 4 did not seem to bring any new features. Instead, it worked out ironing bugs for release this fall. The one major feature that we found was adding support for 4K HDR playback for YouTube videos.

Beta 4 seemed to be very clean and users did not seem to experience any major bugs. Some bugs that users experienced were Messages crashing occasionally, third-party apps crashing (probably due to lack of Big Sur support), and other minor bugs.

macOS Big Sur brings so many new features to macOS that Apple has to retire the macOS 10.X version and upgrade to 11.0 after 19 years. Major features include a whole new designed look, a whole new macOS control center, a faster and privacy-oriented Safari, redesigned widgets in the control center, newly designed Apple apps, in-line replies in Messages, and so much more.

For live updates on the new changes and features on this beta, follow us on Twitter @AppleTerminal.

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