Judge rules that lawsuit against Apple accusing Apple managers of hurting someone’s feelings can move forward

apple getting sued by a cleaning service rect

A judge has ruled that a lawsuit against Apple from a janitorial service can move forward, despite little evidence. As Bloomberg reports,

In a tentative ruling Wednesday in California state court in San Jose, Judge Cynthia Lie ruled that the conduct alleged in the lawsuit — which includes an Apple manager referring to the service’s female owner as a “typical woman in business” who “thinks she is assertive, but she’s just pushy” — was enough to allow the case to proceed to trial.

The cleaning service, Industrial Janitorial Service was paid $215,000 in 2013 from Apple to have 40 Apple Stores cleaned according to the complaint. Later that year, Apple cut the stores to 5 and ended the contract with the company in 2017. The lawsuit alleges that Apple was 3-4 months late in paying its bill, causing the service to sell its unpaid invoices to a 3rd party broker.

When Apple managers asked the owner of Indugsiral Janitorial Service, Darla Drendel to come to Apple Park for a meeting, the lawsuit claims Apple staff were “rude and dismissive,” and that one of the managers said on a phone call with her husband that Darl was “pushy”. In 2017 when Apple was approached about its unpaid $1.5 million in invoices, the company terminated its contract.

The judge ruled that the lawsuit and the cleaning service have “sufficient” facts to support that Apple was unfair and discriminated against it in business practices, however, the judge ruled against the claim that Apple had unlawfully breached its contract.

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