Apple wants a 30% cut for every domain sold with the WordPress app

wordpress app rejection rect

Apple is rejecting app updates to the official WordPress app to the App Store because it doesn’t use the companies in-app purchasing system, as revealed by WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg on Twitter.

According to Matt, Apple is rejecting app updates until the app uses the App Store payment system for .com purchases, giving Apple a 30% commission cut. The WordPress app offers the ability for users to purchase .com domain plans via its own website. The domains and plans allow customers to build websites, host emails, and so much more.

The app itself doesn’t sell anything, instead, it remains open-source. As pointed out by Ben Thompson, by Apple demanding a 30% commission its practically “holding millions of websites hostage for 30% of Automattic domain sales.”

The timing behind the sudden move is odd. Apple faces an avalanche and a looming lawsuit by Epic Games of unfair treatment on the App Store. To make matters worse, WordPress has been on the App Store for years, and why Apple is suddenly demanding a 30% cut remains unknown.

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