Disney to allow users to purchase exclusive Mulan film via an app on Apple’s platform

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Apple, Roku, and Google will also stream the previously exclusive film to Disney+, Mulan on September 4th, Variety reports.

Disney Plus will be the only place to watch “Mulan” — but you’ll be able to pay $29.99 to purchase access to the live-action remake through third-party device platforms.

Available starting Sept. 4, “Mulan” will be available to Disney Plus subscribers who pay an additional $29.99 early-access fee, on top of regular $6.99-per-month subscription. The movie can be purchased directly from Disney at disneyplus.com, as well as platforms including AppleGoogle and Roku, according to updated info on the streamer’s site.

A Disney rep confirmed to Variety that for purchases of “Mulan” made through the in-app payment systems of Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Roku, Disney will be subject to the transaction fee taken by each of those platforms. In the case of Apple and Google, that’s 30%, while Roku keeps 20% of sales on its platform.


The move on Disney’s part can be seen as a sign that the company is worried about low numbers about the film, for perspective, in order to reach $375 million in PVOD profit, the show would need to rack up at least 12.5 million rentals. The target is steep given it would represent around 20% of DisneyPlu’s global subscriber base.

On the other hand, it’s an interesting move by Disney to allow users to purchase the film via in-app purchases through Apple, Google, and Roku, By doing so, Apple and Google will keep 30% of sales from the app, while Roku will keep 20%.

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