Bill Gates calls Steve Jobs a “genius,” and says that Big Tech CEOs deserve to be grilled by lawmakers

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In an episode of the Armchair Expert podcast on August 20th, billionaire Bill Gates comments on recent “anti-trust,” “lawmakers vs. tech-giant” drama, while remembering late Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs.

Gates and Jobs have along and documented history. Despite both being rivals in their field, they maintained a professional, close, and warm relationship that is still respected to this day. In the interview Bill Gates says that upon Steve’s return to Apple, he did what no one else, including himself, as The Verge transcribes:

“Jobs was a genius, what he did, particularly when he came back to Apple… no one else could do what he did there. I couldn’t have done that.” Gates admitted he envied the late Apple CEO’s charisma. “He was such a wizard at over-motivating people— I was a minor wizard so I couldn’t fall under his spell— but I could see him casting the spell,” Gates joked. “I was so jealous.”

While current CEO Tim Cook wasn’t mentioned directly by name, Gates referred to the recent anti-trust hearing held on July 29th where the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet (Google) all testified in front of a US House sub-committee. Gates says that anyone with his level or the level of sucess of those CEOs testify, they should be asked “deserve rude, unfair, tough questions,” adding that “the government deserves to have shots at you.”

The interview as a whole wasn’t purely around tech and the current landscape but touched on a wide range of issues from the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, COVID19, and the beginning of Microsoft.

You can listen to the whole podcast here.

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