Apple demands Samsung handover documents about the Galaxy Store in lawsuit with Epic Games

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As part of its defense in its lawsuit against Epic Games, Apple is now demanding that Samsung, its rival, hand over 14 years of private documents about its own app store, the Galaxy Store. As Telegraph reports:

Apple is attempting to force its arch rival Samsung to hand over private documents about the Korean company’s app store as it defends itself from claims it is abusing a monopoly.

The iPhone maker has demanded Samsung give up information as part of a legal battle against claims that Apple harms developers and consumers by blocking competitors to the App Store.

Apple is attempting to obtain these documents, dating back 14 years to prove that the Galaxy Store, Samsung’s own app distribution platform is no different than the App Store. In specfic, Apple claims in legal court filings that because there are multiple ways to get apps on Android, Samsung’s own 30% commission cut from in-app purchases “cannot be the result of an unchecked monopoly,” per the Telegraph.

“Apple intends to contest [the] plaintiff’s central theory of competitive harm – that Apple’s commission is artificially high because developers allegedly must sell through the App Store,”

Court Filings via Telegraph

Apple asked Samsung’s US subsidiary for documents, including but not limited to “high-level internal documents about competition between mobile platforms” as well as “aggregated data about the Galaxy Store’s installation rate, usage, and revenue, as well as… performance” in March.”

Unsprusignly, Apple says Samsung has refused to hand over the documents because its “status as a competitor immunises it from its obligations,” Apple goes on to bash Samsung for not helping it, saying “Instead of working productively with Apple, Samsung has chosen a path of obfuscation and obstinacy.”

Apple is now going to courts to force Samsung to handover the documents which Samsung calls “overboard” and that Apple is making “the illogical leap that in order to show that it competes with [Samsung Electronic America], Apple must have access to SEA’s confidential research, trade secrets, and other sensitive information.”

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