Iranian leader complains about importing the iPhone, from an iPhone via Twitter

iranian leader iphone rect

Well, that’s interseting.

In a tweet on Sunday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said via his official Russian account that Iran should stop importing a luxurious US smartphone, doesn’t take a genius to figure out he meant the iPhone, but, the tweet was put out using an iPhone. The full tweet, as translated by NewsWeek,

“Nat’l production is key to employment, welfare, reducing inflation& increasing nat’l currency’s power,” Khamenei tweeted. “An obstacle to production is unneeded imports like luxury products. Last year, half a billion dollars were spent to import a certain luxury US mobile brand. Govt must stop this.”

The tweet was published via his official Russian account, created only at the start of this year which has a significantly smaller following with only 7,000 followers, vs. his official one boosting around 800,000 followers.

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