iPhone 12 to dynamically switch between 60 and 120hz refresh rate

switchng between 60 and 120hz rect

In screenshots posted today, Jon Prosser shows off what he claims are current display and camera settings for a PVT (Product Verification Test) model of the 6.7-inch iPhone 12.

Jon Prosser

In the first screenshot, a toggle to enable High Refresh Rate can be seen, with the description asking the users of the PVT model to check the device’s hardware before turning it on.

The second toggle refers to enabling what Apple is calling “Adaptive Refresh Rate”. the feature would automatically switch the refresh rate of the screen between 60 and 120hz depending on the content. In practice, the iPhone could switch to 120hz for more high-end use cases such as gaming that require higher refresh rates for a better experience. In other times, it could switch to 60hz to save battery life

The details in the screenshot follow what many have suspected, that Apple will ship the iPhone 12 lineup with 120hz capability displays, but will disable it via the software. In a second screenshot, a settings page allegedly for the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 show a number of toggles include Enhanced Video Mode, Avdancndde Noise Reduction, and a feature to assist LiDAR in autofocus and subject detection.

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