Apple likely opening the first store in the Czech Republic soon after posting new job listing

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Apple has 510 Apple Stores around the world that span more than 20 countries, with 250+ stores in the United States alone. Apple Stores serve more than an official outlet to purchase Apple products, but are also a place to receive technical support, and often becomes a community hub to hang-out and host events.

Apple takes prides in its stores, designing them with the same level of detail and attention as it does its products. While much of the world celebrates having a store, Apple customers in the Czech Republic do not.

However, a recent job posting on Apple’s website, posted on August 21st hints that the company is planning to open its first store in the country. Apple says it is looking for a full-time Apple Shop Leader, requiring that applicants be fluent in Czech and English. The posting is a near confirmation the company is eyeing Prague for its first Apple Store in the country.

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš at a meeting at the World Economic Forum in 2019. Prime Minster Babiš claimed in tweets following the meeting that Mr. Cook was thrilled to open the first store in the country, and would work with a team to find a spot for the store in Prague. Apple has yet confirmed this.

Apple takes immense care in choosing where to build its stores, sometimes choosing places with significant local or historical meaning. Given, it’s ultimately hard to determine when a launch of the store could happen as discussions, contracts, and legal proceedings must first take place first. And now, thanks to COVID19, it’s likely gotten pushed back.

Apple in march took the drastic step to shutter its Apple Store as the pandemic ravaged society, only until recently has it begun reopening retail locations. Until Apple does open a store in the country, customers can use Apple’s online store which it launched 2 years ago or can find an authorized reseller.

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