App Store Gaming apps made 52% more in revenue vs. the Google Play Store in H1 of 2020

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According to new data compiled by GoldenCasinoNews, the “Gaming” category in the App Store generated $22.2 billion in revenue for the 1st half of 2020, a staggering 52% more than the Google Play Store which generated only $14.6 billion.

While spending is considerably higher for the App Store, the Google Play store dominated in the number of actual app downloads. In Q1 of 2020 Google Play app downloads were 10.4 billion, a 39% year-on-year increase. As for the App Store, downloads were only 5.7 billion.

The increase in spending and usage can be attributed to lockdowns and stay at home orders amid the COVID19 pandemic. Apple, which has recently made services a more prominent source of its business model has benefited well from the increase. Apple CEO Tim Cook in Apple’s Q2 and Q3 calls has said that Apple services such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+ have all been successful this year, while iPhone and hardware sales have been fluctuating.

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