Apple launches new Back to School playlist, updates Kids and Family Section with new artwork, playlist

apple music kids and fam section update rect

Just as kids head to school, Apple has updated the Kids and Family section on Apple Music with brand new curated playlists, and new artwork. As reported by Engadget the section is one of the most popular on Apple Music, with Apple stating its seen a 105% increase in traffic to the section simply over the past 4 weeks.

“Once upon a time, children’s music was restricted to lullabies and play-songs that were passed down from generation to generation — or sometimes recited by a cheerful purple dinosaur,” the company says. “These days, the choices are endless. Children’s music has undergone a dramatic shift. Now it’s just great music the entire family loves.”

Apple’s descirption of revamped Kids & Family section via Engadget

Apple has also revamped its “Back to School” playlist with more updated and recent songs that the whole family can enjoy. The playlist currently features popular artists such as Avicci, Dua Lipa, BTS, Drake, and others. Apple is promising that the playlist will be updated daily.

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