iPad Air 4 may embed Touch ID in the power button, according to these leaked manuals

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Yesterday, as reported by Consomac, Apple registered unreleased models of Apple Watches and iPads in the Eurasian Economic Commission. Devices appear on the database soon to launch, hinting that a release of new products is weeks away.

Fillings for iPad models are split into two, likely for an iPad Air and “iPad” model, which are both rumored to be getting updated before the end of the year. The unreleased model numbers are A2270, A2316, A235, A248, and A249.

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Following the new mysterious fillings, leaker @duanrui1205 on Twitter has shared what they claim is documentation from an unreleased “iPad Air 4”. The account, who despite a small following has built a reliable record claims that the manual confirms that the upcoming revamped iPad Air will feature Touch ID on the power button.

Apple has never embedded Touch ID into the power button, despite long-standing rumors it will. While the leak and images look legitimate, people remain highly skeptical. Firstly, the device has thinner bezels, an easy indicator that Apple could simply implement Face ID. On the alternative, the iPad Air is Apple’s low-end iPad model, implementing Touch ID, a less advanced form of authentication is a way to drive down costs.

The manual is in Spanish, and translation of one of the pages reads “Touch ID with the top button to unlock the iPad Air, We welcome you to your iPad Air with Touch ID payments with Apple Pay and more.” The manual also shows the unreleased iPad featuring a Smart Connector, and Apple Pencil support, either which is new to the iPad family.

While Apple has been rumored to embed Touch ID either within a button or under the screen for years, this leak gives us our biggest confirmation yet at this being a possibility. As for a release, given the current global situation, Apple will likely opt for a simple press release for any new product. We’re expecting new iPhones and Apple Watches within the coming weeks, however no clear indication of an iPad just yet.

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