Tim Cook featured in the latest edition of Vogue magazine

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has been featured on the latest edition of Vogue magazine, saying that despite the current global situation, he remains more than hopeful about the future, the CEO writes:

I think you have to look back 60 years to find an equivalent. You have to look back to the late John Lewis marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Or fast-forward a few years, and you have Stonewall. Both of these were key moments that kicked off a sudden change—for African Americans and for the LGBTQ community. And I think this is an exciting and hopeful time because as a nation we have struggled with racial equity for our whole existence—and it feels good to be at a point where there’s going to be significant, massive, positive change. The other thing I would say is that this pandemic is a crisis that we’re all facing. And if you look around, there are lots of good things happening: There are neighbors helping neighbors again, which was sort of a lost art for a while.

You can read his full feature here, and checkout the full September issue of the magazine here.

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