Roku and Amazon Fire TV lead the pack in the connected-TV market, Apple TV lags behind

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According to the latest survey conducted by Deutsche Bank’s Data Innovation Group, Roku TV leads the pack in the connected-tv market, with Apple lagging significantly behind.

According to the survey, out of 1,048 consumers in the United States with a TV, 43% had a Roku device, 35% have an Amazon Fire TV, and only 27% have an Apple TV. While Apple TV lagged behind in adoption, it leads the pack in demographic per income level, as Barrons reports:

“Of note, Roku had pretty consistent ownership across income levels, between 40-50%,” among the 1,048 U.S. consumers surveyed, he wrote. “Apple TV on the other hand, not surprisingly due to the high price point, had significantly higher ownership levels in the $100K and up income level and tied with Roku for the most ownership in this income level.”

Apple often touts its customer satisfaction rate vs. the actual number of users or buyers, even in that case the company lags behind. Deutsche Bank reports that 54% of Roku customers, 53%of Amazon Fire TV customers, and 38% of Apple TV customers would rank their respective service a 6 or higher.

One other interesting titbit from the survey is that consumers with higher incomes were usually more positive on their outlook of the service they have. Analyst Jeffrey Rand says this is likely given the fact that people with higher incomes tend to have more premium subscriptions and tiers, leading them to have access to more content.

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