Apple Store customers are getting robbed in New York City after purchasing products from an Apple Store

apple store customers getting attacked rect

Apple customers are getting attacked after visiting and purchasing devices from Apple Stores across New York City according to CBS New York.

Surveillance video shows a man opening the door of a nail salon, then snatching a bag of a woman that contained a $2,400 Mac she had just purchased from Apple. According to local authorities, they believe the man spotted the woman leaving the Apple Store and then proceeded to follow her.

Police say at least 15 thefts have been reported, with the behavior beginning around June 30th. The crimes and thefts have left some Apple customers feeling uneasy after leaving the store, one saying “I definitely need to put this in my bag and just hold on real tight.”

Security expert Manny Gomez told CBS New York that a clear way to prevent this from happening is simply not using an Apple Store bag.

“Your luxury item or whatever you’re buying does not have to be in a bag that’s screaming out, hey, I have an expensive item,” he said. “Especially when it’s clear.”

Police say they are monitoring activity around Apple Stores and have released some photos of crooks who they believe are working together. An Apple spokesperson says they are aware of the events and advise customers leaving their stores to take precautions.

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