Apple to launch new iPad Air, AirPods Studio, 2 new Apple Watch versions and more in fall of 2020; Bloomberg

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In a brand new report today, Bloomberg gives us everything we need to know about what Apple is expected to launch this fall. According to Bloomberg, Apple will launch an iPad Air with an iPad Pro like design, including an edge-to-edge screen, AirPods Studio, and 2 new Apple Watch versions. Per the report:

Among a comprehensive product refresh in the fall, Apple is also preparing a new iPad Air with an edge-to-edge iPad Pro-like screen, two new Apple Watch versions and its first over-ear headphones outside the Beats brand. A smaller HomePod speaker is in the works, too. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Apple is expected to replace the Apple Watch Series 5 with the Series 6, while replacing the Series 3 with a cheaper version to take on FitBit. While the report does not offer any specifics on the lower-end model, Apple may cut on back certain sensors and internal hardware to lower costs.

Last week, alleged photos from a manual of an unreleased “iPad Air 4” surfaced online, showing no home-button, USB-C, and Touch ID on the power button. In today’s report, Bloomberg does cite an iPad Air with an iPad Pro design language being released this fall, likely referencing the leaks from last week.

The aim to take on Fitbit is a part of Apple’s more recent strategy of adding more lower-end products to its existing lineup. In March Apple debuted the iPhone SE, borrowing much of the features from the flagship iPhone 11 such as the A13 Bionic for only $399. Alongside the lower-cost Apple Watch, Bloomberg reiterates its older report that Apple is developing a cheaper HomePod model.

Apple has also asked suppliers to produce 75-80 million 5G 2020 iPhones, in the range of last year’s request a sign that COVID19 has not impended iPhone shipments in the long run. The tech-giant is however expecting shipments to reach as high as 80 million in 2020 alone.

iOS 14, the new version of iOS, currently in beta testing has typically shipped alongside the new iPhones in September. Bloomberg reports that despite the historical release of the new software, Apple will launch it in September, not alongside the new iPhones due for October.

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