DigiTimes: 2nd half of 2020 iPhone 12 shipments to top 63-68 million units

63 68 million iphone 12 shipments in 2H of 2020 rect

DigiTimes reports that iPhone 12 shipments in the 2nd half of 2020 will top 63-68 million units, a 5 million unit reduction over iPhone 11 shipments for the same time period. Per the report:

Global shipments of the next-generation iPhone devices (tentatively named iPhone 12 lineup) are expected to total 63-68 million in the second half of 2020, a reduction of over five million units compared to the amount shipped a year earlier for the iPhone 11 lineup, according to the latest forecast of Digitimes Research.

The projection comes as the timings for volume production and official launch of the new iPhone series are likely to lag four to six weeks behind original schedules affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Digitimes Research said.

The report does cite factors that could change its forecast. Firstly, it states that extra unemployment benefits yet to be released by the US government could impact consumer habits, and impact shipments by as many as 1 million units. Second, it cites the possibility of a WeChat ban impending iPhone shipments for the whole year by 10%, current 2020 shipment predictions rest as 190 million units.

DigiTimes also reports that the iPhone 12 lineup will include a dark blue model for the first time, citing other features expected in the flagships including 5G support, imported cameras, and displays.

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