Google to use new iOS 14 ad-tracking tools including IDFA tracking opt-in

google supprting new ad tracking measures in ios 14 rect

While Facebook remains petrified over how iOS 14 features such as more direct ways for users to opt-out of ad tracking will impact its ad revenue, Google is taking another approach. As reported by AdExchanger, Google quietly updated its AdMob Help Center with new information on how the company plans to adopt new frameworks and APIs coming this fall.

As part of iOS 14, developers may choose to employ the new App Tracking Transparency framework. If you choose to do so, we recommend implementing an explainer message that appears to users immediately before the ATT alert with details about how you use user data and how the user can opt in to personalized ads. 

As noted by AdExchanger, Google’s approach towards the new measures is a much more toned down, and cooperative tone than the one presented by Facebook. Facebook continues to remain very vocal over how the new update will impact its ad revenue, and make it harder for it, and its partners to provide personalized ad experiences due to a crack-down on tracking.

iOS 14 is plentiful in new privacy features, expanding beyond new ad-tracking tools, the new update includes clipboard access notification, more prominent notifications for apps using your mic, or camera, and new details within app preview pages on the App Store (coming this fall).

iOS 14 is expected to release in September according to Bloomberg despite the launch of the new iPhones in early October. Apple typically launches its new iOS updates alongside the new flagships iPhones, however while COVID19 has hindered production for the new handsets, it has not impacted iOS development as much.

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