Supplier O-film shots down rumors of ended relationship with Apple

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The Hong Kong Economic Times reports that Apple has dropped its relationship with O-film, a supplier that’s been in its supply chain since at least 2017 for the iPhone and iPad. According to the report, current orders for O-film will be transferred to GIS (owned by Foxconn) and TPK Holding Co, both of which already play small roles in Apple’s production line.

Following the publication of the report, O-film released a statement saying the rumors aren’t true, and that they worked to verify its legitimacy as not to scare investors. The translated statement is below:

“Apple removed Ophelia from the supply chain list, and all Pad touch orders have returned to Taiwanese factories. The supplier company paid attention to the above report for the first time and immediately carried out a serious verification. In order to avoid misleading investors, we now give a clarification. Second, the clarification statement (1) The rumored company was drastically removed from the supply chain list of major US customers The above-mentioned rumors are all false rumors. In view of the fact that false rumors may mislead investors and affect normal market order, the company strongly condemns the publishers of the false rumors and reserves the right to pursue their legal liabilities. (2) Explanation on the cooperation between the company and major U.S. customers For many years, the company has been providing products and services to major U.S. customers. The company has been cooperating well with major U.S. customers, and the order situation continues to be stable.


Alongside the rejection, O-film is expected to be producing camera modules for the iPhone 12 lineup, adding even more doubt to the legitimacy of the report from the Times. O-film has also been accused of human-right violations by the US State Department, however, Apple says it has no found evidence of such violations.

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