Leaker says not to expect a new Apple Watch this month despite more credible reports

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Twitter leaker @l0vetodream is reporting, in direct contradiction to Jon Prosser that there will be no Apple Watch this month. In a simple, and direct tweet today the account states that customers should not expect the Apple Watch Series 6 in September.

Jon Prosser is reporting that Apple will launch a new Apple Watch and iPad via a press release on the week commencing September 7th. Jon has never, never, missed the launch of a product, and has accurately reported whether minutes or week(s) in advanced launch dates. He reported the launch of the iPhone SE in March 2 weeks prior to its official announcement, the new MacBook Pro, and the new iMac.

It’s clear that Jon has sources either around, or directly in Apple’s marketing team/department, which is the most accurate source for product launches as they are the ones who literally launch the product. However, Jon has misreported a few things such as Apple renaming iOS to iPhoneOS, and leaked fake images of AirPower.

Additionally, Bloomberg is reporting 2 new Apple Watches that will come out this fall. While Bloomberg does not offer a timeframe, the report does bundle the new wearables along with the new iPhone 12 set for October, and the rumored AirPods Studio.

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