Apple lost $180 billion in market value in 1-day, the largest 1-day loss for any company ever

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Apple’s stock plunged more than 6% Thursday afternoon, making it the largest drop for the now $2+ trillion market value stock since March 16th, CNBC reports.

Shares of Apple dropped more than 6% Thursday afternoon, putting its stock on pace for its worst day since March 16, when it plunged 12.9%.

Apple’s drop is joined by its tech peers. Microsoft and Facebook dropped more than 5%. AlphabetNetflix and Amazon were each down more than 5%. The S&P 500 tech sector traded 5.6% lower and was on track for its biggest one-day decline since June 11, when it fell 5.8%. 

The drops come after a massive rally among tech stocks in recent weeks following strong second-quarter earnings reports.

Thanks to the sudden drop, Apple also lost $180 billion in market value, the largest 1-day loss for any coampny ever, as Barron reports:

Apple stock slid 8% on Thursday, a rotten day for technology shares. That translated to a loss of roughly $180 billion in the iPhone maker’s market capitalization. It’s the largest one-day loss in value for any company ever, but still leaves Apple with a market cap of well over $2 trillion. Big numbers are fun.


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