Some macOS and Windows users are stuck on an endless loop trying to login into iCloud

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This is developing and more information will be added as it becomes available.

Mac and Windows users are reporting that they are getting stuck in a constant loop when trying to login into iCloud. Users have brought this up in the Apple Support Community and on Twitter sharing they are getting asked to verify their identity via password, or Touch ID on an endless loop. The majority of these users are indicating this is happening across browsers.

One user on the forum says this is happening on their iMac and iPad as well, with another sharing that they are able to successfully “semi-login” into before getting kicked out. According to user reports, iPhones are not impacted by the issue, however, Windows users could be facing it with one user reporting the same issue happening on a PC.

Users on Twitter are also reporting similar issues with one suggesting the fact this issue is widespread across Mac and PC could mean it is a server issue. One Apple user says that Apple advised they backup, and reset their Mac to solve the issue, yet it didn’t work. According to that same user, an Apple support agent informed them it was an iCloud server issue.

As of now, there is no clear fix, Apple does not state any ongoing issues with iCloud or any other service. However, given multiple users are experiencing this, it’s very likely it is a server issue that Apple should have resolved shortly.

Forbes who originally reported the issue says they’ve reached out to Apple for comment.

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