Apple more likely to announce September event than announce new products this week, says Mark Gurman

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Leaker Jon Prosser, who according to AppleTrack has a 77.8% track record is reporting Apple will launch a new Apple Watch and iPad this week, more specifically via a press release on Tuesday, September 8th at 9 AM EST.

Jon accurately reported the launch date of the iPhone SE, updated Macbook Pro, and iMac, but has however shared fake images of AirPower and falsely hyped-up the crowd about new hardware at WWDC before correcting his reporting.

Now, ahead of what Prosser is reporting to be a busy week for Apple, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is weighing in. In a tweet on Sunday, the Bloomberg journalists who has a 86.7% track record is stating the opposite.

According to Gurman, Apple is unlikely to launch any new products this week, but instead, is more likely to announce an online, virtual September keynote address. In a report last week Bloomberg reported that Apple is aiming for a “comprehensive product refresh in the fall” with 2 new Apple Watches, over-ear headphones being dubbed “AirPods Studio“, and a new iPad.

While that report didn’t specify the launch date of the new Apple Watches, iPad, or headphones, it does state to expect an October launch for the new iPhones. Given Mark Gurman’s tweet today, Apple may be planning to formally announce the products in an event this month as to keep with tradition, but push shipments of the new handsets into October.

This also contradicts what is being said by Jon Prosser who is reporting an iPhone 12 “event” for the week commencing October 12th. Prosser reports pre-orders for the new iPhone 12 models will happen that same week with shipments happening sometime the following week. As for the 2 reported “iPhone 12 Pro” models, Prosser says pre-orders will open up in November, while not providing any specific dates.

Apple has always since the introduction of the Apple Watch launched that year’s new model in tandem with the new iPhone lineup. While this year is a unique year in almost every regard possible, it’s hard to envision Apple breaking away from that tradition. Apple always markets the new Apple Watch and iPhone as a duo, many customers actually purchase both around the same time as to ensure they have Apple’s latest and greatest.

All in all, it’s hard to say what will happen. It surely makes more sense for Apple to announce an event this week rather than launch the new Apple Watch model out of sync with this year’s iPhone lineup. But, as they say; time will tell.

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