Pres. Trump attacks Steve Jobs’ widow for donation to Joe Biden’s campaign and stake in The Atlantic

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In a tweet early Sunday morning US President Donald J. Trump launched an attack on the widow of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for “wasting” money he left her on “fake news & hate”.

The tweet was a quote tweet from pro-Trump supporter and host of @TrumpStudents, Charlie Kirk referencing the fact that Laurene Powell Jobs donated at least $500,000 to Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign for President last year. In specific, Charlie calls into question the fact that Mrs. Jobs owns a “majority” stake in The Atlantic which last week published a scathing report claiming President Trump degraded veterans and military men and women on foreign trips.

Fact-checking the claims made by the tweet, it is true that Mrs. Jobs donated at least $500,000 to the Vice President’s campaign last year, according to The New York Times. It also is true that Mrs. Jobs owns a majority stack in The Atlantic who published the damaging report on the President.

The allusion made by the President and Charlie Kirk is that the connection between Mrs. Jobs’s donation to Mr. Biden’s campaign and the report by The Atlantic are efforts by the “radical left” to hamper Mr. Trump’s chances of winning reelection. However, there are no confirmed ties between Mrs. Jobs, and the report published.

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