“Apple Watch SE” to dispense of ECG feature, likely in a bid to decrease the price

apple watch se getting rid of ecg feature rect 1

In a report last week Bloomberg stated that Apple is planning to launch a cheaper Apple Watch model alongside this year’s Series 6 in a direct shoot at FitBit. While no details were given, the cheaper model according to the report will replace Series 3 in the existing lineup and provide users a cheaper Apple Watch variant.

Today, cryptic and serial leaker @l0vetodream says “S5 without ECG,” likely referencing the cheaper Apple Watch model that Bloomberg is reporting. If true, the cheaper model will dispense with the ECG or electrocardiography feature found on the Series 4 and later as a means to reduce the price. The account, contradicting Bloomberg says that the Series 3 will continue to be sold, and will hence not be replaced by the newer model.

On the Series 4 and later, users can take an ECG by placing their finger on the Digital Crown and staying still with their hands flat on a table. At launch, the Series 4 was the only over the counter device with FDA approval capable of taking an ECG which displays your heart rhythm. After you take an ECG, the watch will classify your heartbeat as either a Sinus Rhythm, Atrial fibrillation, or low/high heart rate.

Jon Prosser is reporting a launch of a new Apple Watch and iPad as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday, September 8th via a press release on Apple’s website at 9 AM EST. Yesterday renowned Bloomberg journalists Mark Gurman weighed in saying it’s not likely Apple will launch new products, instead is more likely to announce a virtual September keynote event for the iPhone 12.

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