iPad and Apple Watch models go out of stock ahead of imminent refresh

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Jon Prosser who has a 100% track record for product launch dates is reporting that Apple, via a press release will launch a brand new Apple Watch and iPad, tomorrow, Tuesday, September 8th at 9 AM EST.

Last week many Apple Watch Series 5 models went out of stock on apple.com, adding speculation to Jon’s report. Today, as spotted by Parker Ortolani certain models of the 10.2-inch “iPad” and “iPad Air” are also now unavailable at many Apple Stores across the United States. In major cities such as New York, the 10.5-inch iPad Air with Wifi is unavailable in the majority of stores. In cities such as Los Angles, it’s not available at all.

The baseline 10.2-inch “iPad” is also completely unavailable in Apple Stores in New York, unavailable in 11 out of the 12 Apple Stores in Los Angles, and is unavailable in countless other Apple Stores across the US. As for the Apple Watch Series 5, the 44nm is unavailable for delivery and pickup at the majority of retail locations. Other Apple Watch models such as the Gold aluminum option is also completely unavailable.

While models sometimes may go out of stock due to supply shortages, the timing of this shortage is nothing short of a near-total confirmation to Jon’s report. Especially when you consider the number of stores in which are reporting models being out of stock.

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