Italy opens antitrust probe into Apple’s iCloud and other cloud computing services

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Italy’s antitrust authority on Monday announced it had formally opened an antitrust investigation into Apple, Google, and Dropbox over their respective cloud computing services, Reuters first reported. In a statement, the authority says:

The Competition and Market Authority has initiated six investigations against some of the main global operators of cloud computing services. The parties involved are Google (for the Google Drive service), Apple (for the iCloud service) and Dropbox, each affected both by a proceeding for alleged unfair commercial practices and / or violations of the Consumer Rights Directive and by one for alleged clauses vexatious included in the contractual conditions.


In specfic, the authority is looking into whether Google and Apple properly indicate to users what their data will be used for in commercial purposes on their services and whether they force users to choose their own backup/cloud saving storage service vs. other options.

In particular, the investigations for unfair practices against Google and Apple concern the failure or inadequate indication, when presenting the service, of the collection and use for commercial purposes of the data provided by the user and the possible undue influence in towards consumers, who, to use the cloud storage service, would not be in a position to give the operator their consent to the collection and use of information concerning them for commercial purposes.

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