New baby-feeding emoji set to arrive on iOS by the end of 2020

baby feeding emoji for the fall rect

Included in Unicode 13 is a “Person Feeding Baby” emoji that will launch on iOS by the end of this year. Currently, an emoji exists for a woman breastfeeding a baby which was approved 3 years ago. However, there are no emojis that depicts a man taking care of their children, now that’s going to change.

Unicode in its approval says it hopes the new emoji set will also remove the social barrier around bottle-feeding their children, as Emojipedia reports:

The proposal for the person, woman, and man feeding baby emojis sheds light on the reason Unicode approved these new additions. It states: “Currently, the only emoji that depicts childcare is PERSON BREASTFEEDING and there are no emojis that depict men caring for their children.”

The proposal also argues that inclusion of the person, woman, and man feeding baby emojis “destigmatizes bottle feeding children.” There are many reasons why a family might have to or choose to bottle feed their children, and the addition of this emoji recognizes that.

The new emojis are currently available on Android with the Android 11 beta and will arrive on iOS by the end of the year via an iOS update.

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