Samsung strikes major deal with Verizon for 5G wireless solutions

samsung and verizion 5g soultions rect

This year iPhone lineup is widely expected to include 5G technology, While other smartphones have supported the faster connection type for nearly a year, in many use cases, they’re useless due to the lack of 5G network infrastructure.

In the United States, carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile are expanding their 5G Infratsucutre nationwide as an indirect preparation for the launch of the first 5G equipped iPhones. As part of preparations for the new normal, yesterday Samsung signed a $6.6 billion deal with Verizon in the US to supply it with 5G wireless solutions.

“With this latest long-term strategic contract, we will continue to push the boundaries of 5G innovation to enhance mobile experiences for Verizon’s customers,”

Samsung in a emailed statement, via Bloomberg

Samsung is fairly new to the field, only beginning to invest deeply in networking less than 5 years ago. Huawei, the worlds leader in wireless technology is currently facing a complete ban on doing business with US companies due to tension between Bejing and Washington, and economic sanctions. The deal struck by Samsung and Verizon will no-doubt boost Samsung’s ambition, and potentially allow it to overtake Huawei in market share if the tension continues.

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