Apple details new features coming to the CryptoKit framework in iOS 14

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In an update to developers on Tuesday, Apple detailed new features coming to CrypotKit this fall with the release of iOS 14, and other new OS updates. CryptoKit, a framework launched with iOS 13 in 2019 makes it easy for developers to take on heavy security tasks such as encryption and authentication. As Apple explains:

People expect apps to be secure and their data to be protected. You may need to perform cryptographic operations to implement features such as authentication, message encryption, or to meet regulatory requirements. CryptoKit is a Swift framework that makes it easier and safer to perform common cryptographic operations, whether you simply need to compute a hash or are implementing a more advanced authentication protocol. This year, CryptoKit adds new APIs for HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Functions (HKDF), support for PEM and DER formats, and with Swift Crypto your code can now run everywhere Swift runs.

Apple details, with extra information the new changes coming to the framework this year and how developers can best utilize them here.

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