Apple receives praise from the ad-industry for delaying the launch of an iOS 14 privacy feature

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In the past several weeks Apple has been hammered with concerns from Facebook and the ad-industry over a new feature in iOS 14. That new feature originally set to go live when iOS 14 launches this month would require developers to ask for a user’s permission before tracking them for ad purposes.

Facebook complained that it could see its ad-business drop by nearly 50% due to the majority of users likely opting out of the tracking. Others have also raised concerns that the new change would result in catastrophic losses. In response, one week ago Apple bowed down to Facebook and announced it would delay the rollout of the feature until later next year. The move Apple hopes will give the industry more time to find alternative ways to track users.

To users, the move was harsh and unexpected. Apple had received praise for its decision to include such a feature that clamps down on tech giants such as Facebook. Now we have a sense of what the industry itself is feeling about the decision. In a new paywalled report, DigiDays talks to some industry experts about their thoughts on the delay.

Overall, the industry is happy Apple made the decision, stating its an unusual tone from the company but are hopeful it means the Cupertino giant is more open to dialogue. However, some have raised speculation that Apple may have bigger plans to launch its own ad business. To add fuel to the speculation, Apple is currently advertising 41 global job openings with the phrase “advertising platforms,” as per the report:

Three industry execs who have worked with Apple speculated to me that the company may have plans to ramp up its search advertising business. On the ads front, Apple currently has 41 open roles globally that contain the phrase “advertising platforms” on its Jobs at Apple site. An ad for a client partner role in Moscow reads, “With over 65% of all app downloads resulting directly from a search on the App Store, Search Ads is quickly becoming the platform of choice for app promotion for iOS developers.” A thriving developer community strengthens Apple’s services business, which generated $46 billion in net sales last year.


In July a group fo executives sent a letter to Tim Cook about the new IDFA opt-in feature, and now DigiDays reports that Apple has agreed to meet via video conference with IAB Europe, IAB Tech Lab, IAB France, News Media Europe, and the European Publishers’ Council on September 11th.

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