Sept. 15th Apple Event YouTube livestream references Series 6

apple yotibe referecning the sersi 6 rect 1

One week out of its event, Apple has made it’s Sept. 15th keynote live on YouTube. This stream will be one of the options users can watch the event alongside on Apple’s website.

Bloomberg reports that the event will be heavily focused on the iPad and Apple Watch, with the iPhone not making an appearance until later in October. In line with the event being mainly focused on the Apple Watch, Apple has listed “Series 6,” as one of the events keywords. First spotted by @_inside, Apple lists the name of the presumed next-generation Apple Watch alongside Series 5, WWDC, September, and other common phrases users may search when trying to find the event.

Bloomberg reports that Apple will launch two new Apple Watch models this year, a follow-up to the Series 5 and a cheaper replacement for the Series 3. Unless Apple decides to switch its Apple Watch naming scheme up, the follow-up to the S5 will be called the Series 6. As for the lower-end model, some are dubbing it the “Apple Watch SE” to keep up with the “SE” marketing for its low-cost iPhone model.

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