iOS 14 beta 8 new change, bugs, and bug fixes

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Earlier today Apple released iOS 14 beta 8, likely the last of the iOS 14 betas before the GM (Gold Master) next week following its Special Keynote event on Sept. 15th. The update was only sized around 100 to 150MB for some devices, and its release notes highlighted no new changes.

As with every update/beta release, users dig deep below the surface to find what’s new. This far into the beta cycle however, changes and new features will be minor as Apple shifts focus to ensuring the software is ready for primetime release. Despite that, Apple YouTuber Brandon Butch was able to find one new change in the latest beta.

As highlighted in his latest video, Apple has shifted the order of which “News” app widget is presented first. On beta 7 and earlier, users would be prompted with the “Topic” widget as the first widget to add. On beta 8, Apple now displays the “Today” news widget first with the “Topic” widget moving down the list.

Users on beta 7 also reported that PDFs within Safari wouldn’t display correctly, from our testing, in some cases they wouldn’t load at all. As noted by Brandon, beta 8 fixes that with PDFs loading and functioning as normal in Safari. Brandon also notes that he experienced a problem with the Apple Music widget not refreshing frequently, however notes that based on initial usage, beta 8 seems to fix the issue.

The YouTuber also highlights a few bugs within Messages on beta 7, mainly messages from the recipient disappearing in conversations, and Tapback reactions being sent as “Laughed at an attachment” instead of a proper reaction. With our testing on beta 8, we were still able to experience the Tapback bug in an iMessage group.

You can watch Brandon’s full video here.

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