$650,000+ worth of fake AirPods and lightning cables seized in shipment from China in LA

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The U.S Customs and Border Protection agency seized $650,000 worth of fake counterfeit AirPods and lightning cables in a shipment from China at the LA Seaport.

Sorting through shipments that arrived from China officers and specialists in detecting counterfeit products found 2,400 fake AirPods alongside 14,200 fake lighting charging cables on July 2nd and July 15th respectively. Both shipments violated Apple’s protected trademark, and if the products were genuine, would have an estimated value of $651,780.

“Counterfeit electrical goods are not put through the same vigorous safety checks as legitimate items and are often very dangerous,” said Donald R. Kusser, CBP Area Port Director of the LA/Long Beach seaport. “Consumers need to be extremely cautious when they buy electronics from non-legitimate sources.”

“Counterfeit products have a negative impact on the U.S. economy, as each time a consumer buys a counterfeit good, a legitimate company loses revenue,” said Carlos C. Martel, CBP Director of Field Operations in Los Angeles. “This translates to lost profits and U.S. jobs over time.”

CBP Statement

Apple is perhaps one of the most copied brands in the world. Companies are always attempting to mimic Apple’s iconic design and functionality, they not only fail while trying but sometimes end up getting into legal trouble.

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