Apple flips-flops, says it’ll disable Sign in with Apple for Fortnite users, then changes course

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UPDATE- 2:00PM EST on September 10th

Epic Games announced today that Apple has changed its decision and will not disable “Sign in with Apple” for Fortnite users as soon as Sept. 11th as previously announced. Despite the change, Epic Game is still advising users to prepare for its removal as Apple may decide to remove it down the road.

Epic does not state why Apple decided to change course, instead saying it was given an “indefinite extension”. Apple’s initial decision to revoke user’s access to the service was derived from Epic losing its developer’s account. Apple may have possibly realized that revoking the service from users only hurts their own customers, and not Epic Games directly.

Fortnite users will no longer be able to use Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” service beginning on September 11th, according to Epic Games. Apple disabled Epic’s developer account for violating App Store guidelines, included is Sign in with Apple.

Epic Games attempted but ultimately failed to save its own developer account. In court, Apple cited Epic’s clear violation of App Store guidelines by introducing and implementing a direct payment method within Fortnite. The method bypassed Apple’s own in-app purchasing system which has become the center of the “Apple vs. Epic” drama.

The service allows users to use their Apple ID to sign up for apps and websites and was introduced at WWDC 2019. It’s a direct shot at Facebook and Google’s own respective sign in/up service which some are concerned over privacy Sign in with Apple allows you to use your Apple ID, or to hide your email from the app/website. If you do choose to hide your email, Apple will generate a random email for that specific app/site.

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