Here are the new emojis coming to iOS 14, and when you can expect to see them

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Alongside new features, every major iOS release cycle includes a suite of new emojis. Those emojis are approved by Unicode, which early this year approved 117 new emojis. While they get approved for all platforms at the same time, their rollout on different systems is different.

In July Apple confirmed to Emojipedia that the new emojis approved by Unicode would ship in the fall. As Emojipedia explains in a new post today, those new emojis however are unlikely to ship in the first version of iOS 14.0 which will debut later this month.

Apple has not included new emojis in a “.0” release since at least 2016 with the release of iOS 10.0. Looking in the past, Apple released new emojis with its iOS 13.2 update last year, iOS 12.1 in 2018, and iOS 11.1 in 2017. Apple will likely stick to that timetable if history repeats itself, although 2020 in every regard is a truly weird year.

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Some of the new emojis coming to iOS 14

Given all of that, new emojis in Unicode 13 will presumably ship for the first time on beta 1 of iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.2 in September or October. On World Emoji Day Apple shared with Emojipedia what new emojis would ship with iOS 14, some notable ones are a ninja, boomerang, bubble tea, and a beaver. You can check them out here.

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