iPhone 11 and 11 Pro reveal videos now private ahead of Apple Event on Sept. 15th

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Apple will hold its annual September event next week, Tuesday, September 15th where it will reveal the next Apple Watch and iPad, dispensing of revealing its annual iPhone lineup according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, alongside others in what appears to be a coordinated strategy by Apple to die-down the publics expectations for the event are all suggesting an iPhone launch will take place in October. Apple has the event scheduled for 2 hours according to the calendar event on its website, causing some to ask how a 2-hour event could simply be focused on the Watch and iPad.

In support of the contrary that Apple will not launch an iPhone next week, Apple has subtly made it’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro reveal videos private on its official YouTube page. Apple has also made its “iPhone 11 Pro- It’s tough out there” ad private (thanks to a reupload on Facebook, you can still watch it here). Videos are still up on Apple’s Indian, British, Dutch, and French channels.

The Apple Watch Series 5 reveal video is now also marked as unlisted, meaning it won’t appear on Apple’s channel and is only watchable with a direct link. However, other iPhone 11 features and ads such as photography and cinematography highlights remain live. The 2018 flagship iPhone lineup, the XS and XR reveal video also remains live.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is subtly hinting that Apple could split this year’s fall product announcements into 3 separate events. Due to COVID19, WWDC 2020, the Sept. 15th keynote, and presumably all remaining Apple events for this year will take place digitally.

The keynotes are prerecorded and simply broadcasted via Apple’s website and YouTube page on the day of the event. Given the unique nature of the events, splitting what would typically be one massive in-person event into 3 separate digital ones is as simple as splitting up video.

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