Readdle announces system-wide iOS VPN inside of Documents, teases iOS 14 widgets

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Today Readdle, the developers behind some of the world’s most popular productivity apps announced it was adding a new VPN feature to its “Documents by Readdle‘ app. Prior to iOS 11 with the release of the Files app, there was no real way to manage documents on your device. At the time, Documents was the only proper file management app for users to use.

The app has lots of cross-over to Apple’s own files app. Both apps allow you to connect other services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, servers, and others. It also allows you to access locally stored files, iTunes files, and photos. Documents also feature its own built-in browser allowing you to download files directly from the web, much like Safari on iOS and iPadOS 13.

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Today’s announcement adds on to the wealth of features already provided in the built-in browser by adding its own VPN powered by Hotspot Shield to the app that will work across your entire iPhone or iPad, and not simply within Documents. The new VPN feature is available as a free update for the app and will be a new option at the bottom of the app, the interface is as you’d expect, simply with a connect/start button in the middle.

As for pricing, Readdle’s prices are rather steep. All users get a free 50MB of usage with the VPN daily. It’s not enough to stream a Netflix show, but should be sufficient for quickly checking for new messages or emails. For users who want to go the extra mile, Readdle offers the Document Plus subscription which alongside providing you unlimited VPN usage, also provides you more powerful PDF tools such as Reading Mood, advanced editing, compression, and more for $89.99 a year, or $12.49 a month.

The team also today gave a sneak peek to iOS 14 widgets for Documents ahead of iOS 14’s primetime launch this month. Readdle says that the widgets will be customizable with actions such as opening a music player, transferring files, or enabling VPN. The new widgets will be available on day one of iOS 14’s launch.

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