Apple reportedly gearing up to expand Apple Card, announcement possible at Sept. 15th event

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Apple Card, in partnership with Goldman Sachs launched to US customers in August of last year. The card is Apple’s latest move into the banking industry, building on the success of Apple Pay and yet another way to cage people into the Apple ecosystem

The card features a number of benefits that are hard to find without any caveats at other financial institutions. Daily cashback, easier installment, 0% interest, and tight integration with all of Apple’s products makes it an attractive option for customers (if you get approved). Like any banking card, Apple and it’s US partner must follow strict regulations when it comes to card usage and its terms and conditions.

It’s common for Apple to launch a new service in one country or region, and slowly expand over time as it receives regulatory and legal approval from governments. And now it seems Apple is preparing to expand Apple Card to places beyond the United States. Twitter account @LeaksApplePro which is trying to become a more outspoken leaker on Twitter reported in August that Apple plans to expand Apple Card to at least 10 different countries; Spain, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Canada, and India.

In a follow-up tweet, the account stated that Apple has added more countries to the list including Brazil, Singapore, and “some South American countries”. Adding weight to the Twitter account which has yet to be fully deemed as credible, MacRumors says they were told by a tipster claiming to be involved in the inner workings of Australian banking institutions that Apple is planning to launch there as soon as the end of this year.

The tipster claims that Apple is also planning to launch in several other regions and that Apple Card would become available as part of the iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.2 update, but could be pushed into 2021 with iOS 14.3. MacRumors also says they found code in iOS 14 beta 8 that references “General Data Protection Regulation,” a law in Europe on protecting user data and privacy.

MacRumors has also discovered references to GDPR for ‌Apple Card‌ in iOS 14 Beta 8 code. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy. As ‌Apple Card‌ is not currently available outside of the U.S., it seems curious that there is code potentially referring to European privacy legislation for ‌Apple Card‌.

The code, found in a property list, also seems to have been present in some previous versions of iOS. It is unclear if the code is specifically referring to General Data Protection Regulation, or is an abbreviation for something else.


Apple also has listed an “Apple Card Product Manager” role on its jobs website stating the position will be responsible for Apple Card’s long term strategy and lists traveling as a requirement. MacRumors only lists Australia as a country Apple is eyeing to expand its card into, unlike @LeaksApplePro which is reporting at least 12.

Apple will hold a virtual Special Event keynote next week, Sept. 15th where it’s expected to reveal the Apple Watch Series 6, an affordable Apple Watch, iPad Air 4, and an “iPad 8“. Any plans by Apple to expand Apple Card will likely be announced at the event.

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