Apple says it was doing anything to prevent Fortnite users from using Sign in with Apple

apple rejecting sign in with apple rect

On September 9th Epic Games announced that “Apple will no longer allow users to sign into Fortnite” using Sign in with Apple as soon as September 11th. Epic advised users at the time to make sure their email and password were up to date to ensure they continue signing in after the service would be revoked.

Yesterday, Epic followed up saying that Apple had provided it with an “indefinite extension” and will continue to allow users to use the sign-in service. At this point in time, Apple had stayed silent on whether it was truly going to disable the service for users. However, yesterday Apple told The Verge that it was not doing anything to stop users from signing into Fortnite with their Sign in with Apple account. While trying to clear up the situation, the statement raises more questions than it answers.

Every since the start of the Epic vs. Apple feud, Epic Games has gone out of their way to galvanize its base of fans and Fortnite players to be “anti-Apple”. They released a parody of Apple’s iconic 1984 ad hours after Fortnite was removed from the App Store, started to sell merch, and is promoting “#FreeFortnite” alluding that Apple is the one locking Fortnite up in a cage, away from users.

Epic and Apple are both maintaining different stories in this ordeal. Epic yesterday in its follow-up still advises users to prepare their accounts for the removal of “Sign in with Apple”. Apple says it isn’t doing anything to do that. The Verge contacted Apple to comment on Epic’s follow up, however, they did not immediately respond.

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