Jon Prosser: iPhone 12 mass production has started without 120hz displays, “iPad 8” to launch at Sept. 15th event

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With the iPhone 12 launch around a month away, leaks, rumors, and reports over what Apple has planned for its 2020 flagship lineup continue to circulate the interwebs. One feature that die-hard Apple fans are eager for is a “ProMotion Display” or a 120hz refresh rate.

Apple first introduced ProMotion in its 2nd generation iPad Pro announced at WWDC 2017. 120hz vs. 60hz means more fluid scrolling in apps such as Instagram and Twitter. Every iPad Pro since has included the technology, but no other product category features the technology. Since its launch on the iPad, widespread speculation has mounted hope that the technology will make its way to the iPhone 12 lineup.

EverythingApplePro in partnership with Max Weinbach said in May of this year that Apple will include 120hz in its iPhone lineup and will utilize software optimization to control when the device uses 60hz vs. 120hz to save battery life. In a follow-up video a little more than a month later they state that Apple still plans to include ProMotion but that the models supporting it will be released on a staggered timeline. And then less than a month later, the duo said that 120hz is officially dead. In specific, they said that the devices will ship with a display compatible of 120hz, but it will be deactivated via software.

Today, hopefully in the last of rumors and leaks surrounding the technology, leaker Jon Prosser says that the iPhone 12 mass production started this week and that 120hz did not make the cut. Jon however is the one that shared images he alledges comes from a PVT model of the iPhone 12 Pro showing a setting for ProMotion displays.

Jon also reports today that he would be “shocked” if Apple announces the iPhone 12 at its Special Keynote address next week since iOS 14.1, the software he claims will ship on 2020 iPhones will not be complete until October 9th. While Apple typically holds its iPhone event in September, Bloomberg and countless others including Jon are all reporting that the iPhones will not make an appearance at this year’s Sept. event.

Instead, Jon like Bloomberg report that Apple will launch the Apple Watch Series 6, a cheaper Apple Watch being dubbed the “Apple Watch SE,” the iPad Air 4, and the iPad 8 next week. The iPhone alongside the rumored AirTags will reportedly be announced at an October event.

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