Analyst goes lone-wolf, says they believe Apple will launch the iPhone 12 at Sept. 15th keynote

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Apple events are always shrouded in some degree of mystery. While leaks about what products Apple will announce are in the vast weeks and days upcoming to an event, this year is different. In the past, there has never been doubt that Apple’s annual September event will spotlight the latest iPhones. But this year, it’s a looming question mark.

Apple confirmed in its Q3 earnings calls that the “iPhone 12” would be delayed by a few weeks, indirectly pointing to an October launch supported by Bloomberg and others. When Apple announced its September 15th event last week, confusion hit. The event was quickly labeled “the 2020 iPhone keynote” until Bloomberg reported that the focus of the event will be on the Apple Watch and iPad.

The events media tagline “Time Flies” hints towards an Apple Watch and revamped iPad lineup including the iPad Air 4. However, an interesting theory says that the tagline refers to the time between WWDC, held in June, and this event.

Regardless, there is widespread agreement that Apple will not launch its new iPhones next week, but one analyst is taking the alternative road. Lopez Research principal analyst Maribel Lopez still believes Apple will unveil its new iPhone at the event, saying that it’s better to launch on time and have them ship later ahead of the Christmas season.

But Lopez Research principal analyst Maribel Lopez still thinks the company will opt to unveil all its new products at once, including the iPhone. “When you’re thinking about timing, it’s better to launch earlier and have them arrive later, since you’re getting into the Christmas planning cycle,” Lopez said. 


Lopez is referring to the prospect that Apple launches its new iPhone lineup next week, keeping up with tradition but not actually ship the iPhones until October. While possible and logical, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says its possible Apple will hold 3 separate events this fall with the 2nd one taking place in October for the iPhone, and one in November for the Mac. One leaker is suggesting October 13th for an iPhone reveal.

Due to the nature of events this year, splitting up what would be one massive in-person keynote into 3 separate ones is as simple as editing and splitting up video. If Lopez is correct, this week is going to be a massive week for Apple. If not, Apple will still make the headlines with what it has planned to show-off, that we know for sure.

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